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US Endoscopy continues to support and actively implement environmentally responsible decisions and practices. These actions are critical to not only minimize the negative effects on our planet, but also to ensure US Endoscopy thrives as an organization.

Manufacturing Processes

We are committed to identifying more efficient ways of using energy and natural resources to produce our products and will continue to evolve our efforts.

  • Energy conservation and efficient maintenance program: ensuring the efficient operation of our facilities, cost/waste avoidance and energy efficient lighting and equipment.
  • Minimizing scrap and reducing energy: many injection molding processes have been implemented to achieve near zero manufacturing scrap and reduce energy use.
  • Packaging: we make environmentally conscious decisions that include minimal material usage, use of recycled material, and collection/baling of cardboard for re-use.
    • Packaging schemes which utilize sustainable methods are being implemented - i.e., our thermoform trays are made of 50% recycled plastics.

Corporate Programs

Our employees take an active role in conservation efforts as well as recycling materials on a daily basis.

  • Company-wide recycling program: recycling of paper, aluminum cans, plastics, newspapers, cardboard, and other materials.
  • On-site daycare: this benefit is provided to our employees minimizing their travel for drop-off and pick-up.
  • Subsidized lunch program: employee lunches are delivered to our facilities minimizing travel.
  • Donation: we donate unused medical devices and volunteer support for MedWish International.
  • Environmental and human safety implementation programs: all employees and tasks are actively managed by a full-time, in-house staff.