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Efficient Operations

As a new product development company we are committed to growing our business responsibly by increasing our production and development of new niche products, while reducing the needed resources and energy to do so. Through our continuous improvement efforts, we will drive efficient operations of all aspects of our organization, resulting in a stable business for our customers, employees and shareholders.

  • Energy conservation and efficient maintenance program: reducing the consumption of water, energy and ensuring the efficient operation of our facilities.
  • Going paperless initiatives: helping to reduce the paper products that are used and then thrown away.
  • Minimizing scrap and reducing energy: many injection molding processes have been implemented to achieve near zero manufacturing scrap and reduce energy use.
  • Job creation: we continue to grow and hire candidates from Northeastern Ohio and across the globe.
  • Supporting local suppliers: our goal is to keep it local and leverage the local supply base whenever possible.
  • Expanding global network: we have expanded our global network of partners to over 50 countries worldwide and continue to look at additional partnership opportunities.