Continuing Education

US Endoscopy offers six (6) on-site training programs that can be tailored to fit your staff's needs and schedule. Whether you have 10 minutes, a staff meeting or a full day, we bring hands-on training right to your facility.

Contact Hours
Our sales team is certified to deliver six approved Continuing Nursing Education Courses on-site for your staff.

Each course is 1.0 Contact Hour credit and covers the following topics:
  • Endoscope Care and Cleaning: From Start to Finish
  • Surveying the Colon: Polyps & Advances in Polypectomy
  • GI Foreign Body & Food Bolus: Overview & Retrieval Management
  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Types, Challenges, and Treatment Options
  • Understanding Enteroscopy: How, When, and Why it's Performed
  • CO2 for Insufflation

How Labs
The Hands-on Workshop (HOW) brings hands-on practice directly to you.

   This on-site program:
  • Is offered to physicians, fellows in training, nurses and technicians.
  • Allows for a first-hand experience with some of the newest endoscopic devices.
  • Helps you learn everything from setup to new procedural techniques in our simulation mannequins with porcine models.
  • Allows you to walk away with hands-on experience in a variety of techniques and devices.