Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

Proper reprocessing of endoscopes and accessories is critical to the safe and successful treatment of patients.1 When you use the right cleaning brushes during endoscope reprocessing, it helps ensure effective cleaning. That’s why STERIS | US Endoscopy offers a variety of disposable endoscope cleaning brushes.

These single-use endoscopic cleaning brushes are designed to gently and effectively remove soils from endoscope channels, valves, and control heads. They’re available in several designs to meet your preference. Plus, the endoscope cleaning brushes support infection control practices and help protect patients and staff.

Cleaning brushes

Key Features


Non-Slip Catheters
Signature, non-slip catheters have a distinct texture that helps increase grip in wet, soapy environments during endoscope cleaning

Nylon Cleaning Bristles
Soft, specially designed nylon bristles provide friction to loosen and remove bioburden from endoscope channels, valves, and control heads

Rounded, Fluorescent Tips
Enhance visibility, especially when immersed, and guide the cleaning brush along the delicate endoscope channel to help prevent accidental damage


Channel Cleaning Brushes


Standard channel cleaning brush for endoscope

Standard Channel Cleaning Brush
A simple solution for cleaning standard endoscope channels


Jumbo channel cleaning brush

Jumbo Channel Cleaning Brush
Larger bristle diameter for scrubbing 2.8mm to 9.0mm endoscope channels


Gemini Brush Double-Ended Channel Brush

Gemini Brush™ Double-Ended Channel Brush
Double-ended design features two channel cleaning brushes to scrub twice as well with half the effort


Revital-Ox™ Single-Ended Channel Brush
A product dedicated to effectively cleaning endoscope channels


Revital-Ox™ Dual-Ended Pull Through Channel Brush
Push debris through the endoscope channel with the leading brush, then remove remaining debris with the trailing brush


Wooly Brush channel brush

Wooly Brush® Channel Brush
60% longer bristle head maximizes cleaning effectiveness by boosting the number of bristles sweeping the endoscope channel


Channel & Valve Cleaning Brushes


DuoSwift Combination Squeegee Brush

DuoSwift® Combination Squeegee Brush
The only endoscope cleaning brush that combines the benefits of a bristled brush and squeegee into one device


Double-Header Combination Cleaning Brush

Double-Header™ Combination Cleaning Brush
All-in-one scope brush for cleaning endoscope channels, valves, and control heads


Revital-Ox™ All-in-One Channel and Valve/Control Brush
Channel cleaning brush at one end and a valve control brush at the other end for greater flexibility


Revital-Ox™ Valve/Control Brush
Helps remove residual soils from control head and valve openings with an ergonomic design for a relaxed and balanced grip


Valve Cleaning Brushes


Valve/control head cleaning brush

Valve/Control Head Cleaning Brush
Features a full head of soft bristles and a grooved "barbell" handle for a steady, comfortable grip


Specialty Cleaning Brushes


Small Wonder channel cleaning brush

Small Wonder® Channel Cleaning Brush
Miniature endoscope cleaning brush for tiny channels of select bronchoscopes and the balloon channel of EUS scopes

Endoscope Reprocessing

Minimize infection risks with reliable, high-quality products for endoscope reprocessing. You’ll find solutions for endoscope transport, cleaning, disinfection, and validation. The products from STERIS | US Endoscopy make it easy to quickly process endoscopes while maintaining the highest level of patient care and compliance.


DuoSwift® Combination Squeegee Brush

The only endoscope cleaning brush that combines the benefits of a bristled brush and squeegee into one device. The bristled brush uses friction to loosen and remove bioburden, while the squeegee pulls remaining liquid and debris from the channel.
  1. Standards of Infection Control in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes (SGNA 2016)