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US Endoscopy is a subsidiary of STERIS Corporation.

Listening...and delivering solutions®, the US Endoscopy listening...and delivering solutions® design, and all marks denoted with ® or ™ are registered or pending applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or trademarks owned by US Endoscopy, unless otherwise stated.

Patent Information

  • ArC Smart™, ArConnect®, Articulator™, Boost®, CO2MPACT Endoscopic Insufflator®, Endo-Boot™, Exacto®, Falcon®, InStream®, Keeper®, Lariat®, Listening...and delivering solutions®, Mio®, Oracle®, Respa®, Reveal®, Rotator™, Roth Net Trusted Security®, Short Throw™, Small Wonder®, Take-Out®, Talon®, Tap a Tool®, TouchSoft®, TouchSoft Coagulator®, Traxtion®, Torrent®, the US Endoscopy listening...and delivering solutions® design, Ultramatrix™, Vasto®, Via®, Wooly Brush®, and all marks denoted with ® or ™ are registered or pending applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, or trademarks owned by US Endoscopy, unless otherwise stated.  

  • AdvanCE® capsule delivery device, U.S. patent number 8,834,355; European patent number 1,765,158.

  • AquaShield® water bottle system, U.S. patent number 9,144,373, and other patents pending.

  • Baleen™ polyp trap, U.S. patent number 7,182,754.

  • BioGuard® air/water & suction valves, patents pending.

  • BioShield® biopsy valve, U.S. patent numbers 7,967,744 and 8,702,596, and other patents pending.

  • BioVac® direct suction device, U.S. patent number 8,251,945; European patent number 1,991,288.

  • Carr-Locke injection needle, U.S. patent numbers 6,666,847 and 7,727,197; Japanese patent number 4,517,330.

  • CO2EFFICIENT® endoscopic insufflator, U.S. patent numbers 7,806,850 and 8,157,763; Australian patent number 2006306361; Chinese patent number ZL200680043998.7; Japanese patent number 5,208,753; Korean patent number 10-1258447, and other patents pending.

  • DuoSwift® combination squeegee brush, patents pending.

  • eTrap® polyp trap, U.S. patent number 8,088,079.

  • gi4000 electrosurgical unit, U.S. patent numbers 8,083,735 and 8,287,530; Canadian patent number 2,630,955.

  • Gonogo™ active cord tester, patents pending.

  • Guardus® overtube, U.S. patent number 9,661,989.

  • Histolock® resection device, U.S. patent number 9,572,591, and other patents pending. 

  • Infinity® sampling devices, U.S. patent number 8,968,213; European patent number 2,629,676; Japanese patent number 5,981,927.

  • iSnare® system, U.S. patent numbers 7,691,110 and 8,343,168; Japanese patent numbers 4,977,017 and 5,318,783; European patent number 1,766,476, and other patents pending.

  • Moray® micro forceps, patents pending.

  • Padlock Clip™ defect closure system, U.S. patent numbers 8,920,311 and 9,408,594; Australian patent number 2007275882; Brazilian patent number P10709278-4; Chinese patent number ZL200780019122.3; European patent number 1,998,687; German patent number DE60200704825.9;  Japanese patent number 5,584,464, and other patents pending.

  • Quick-Catch™ in-line suction polyp trap, Canadian patent number 2,653,015; Chinese patent number ZL200780023030.2; European patent number 2,023,821; Japanese patent numbers 5,415,258 and 5,639,241, and other patents pending.

  • Raptor® grasping device and Raptor® grasping device - mini, U.S. patent numbers D689,606, D710,006 and D725,265, D758,581, D779,668, and other patents pending.

  • Roth Net® retrieval devices and Roth Net® Platinum® retrieval devices, U.S. patent numbers 6,814,739, 8,016,838, 8,057,484, 8,591,521, 9,204,888, 9,486,188, 9,730,716 and 9,826,997; European patent number 1,387,639; Japanese patent numbers 4,154,660, 4,505,658, 5,460,582, 5,961,195 and 6,194,381, and other patents pending.

  • Suction Polyp Trap™ four chamber trap, patents pending.

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ADVANCE, BIOSHIELD, BIOVAC, ETRAP, GUARDUS, MIO, ROTH NET, ROTH NET PLATINUM, and US ENDOSCOPY LISTENING...AND DELIVERING SOLUTIONS are registered trademarks of United States Endoscopy Group, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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